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Could Your Business Endure the Loss of Its Vital Data?

Is your company prepared for a critical information loss due to a natural disaster, complete system failure, or cyber-attacks? If not, we can help. We can provide you the access and data protection you require  to this scary (but very real) possibility at an affordable monthly rate, assuring business continuity and giving you peace of mind.

We provide the following personalized and extensive backup and data protection options to protect your critical information and IT infrastructure.

data protection
  • State-of-the-art, secure protection from viruses, malware, and unauthorized access
  • Easy accessibility to your data backups through our dedicated servers
  • Automatic backup of your business data during the day, every day
  • An offsite copy of your IT infrastructure that can be used as a spare within a few minutes in the event of a system breakdown at your office

When trouble strikes, you can have your critical server or workstation back up and running again in just minutes or easily recover any of their missing data using our reliable and affordable BDR solutions.

The BDR easily maintains local and remote image backups which allow restoration of the entire image or just the file or email you need to restore. Restoring a failed server or workstation in less than one minute to a virtualized environment on the BDR itself allows you the time needed to have your broken device repaired while your company doesn’t miss a step.

We’ve combined award-winning backup technology and services with the best bare-metal imaging and virtualization solutions in the business all on a flexible high-quality hardware platform. The result is an easy and affordable way to make certain your business never suffers because of failed hardware.

Call Jeff R. Roberts & Associates today to find out more about our San Francisco, East Bay and Peninsula Data Protection Services and receive a free IT assessment for your company.

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