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Discover Why Your Business Needs a Technology Strategy: Choose a Free IT Assessment

Jeff R Roberts & Associates, Inc. can help your company setup its strategic and technology goals. Companies that stream line their business and technical goals can gain synergies that can result in cost saving, increased productivity.

We can help you start thinking about this process by evaluating several strategic areas of your business. Please take a moment to review the three FREE assessments we offer and call us to arrange your FREE evaluation. It could open your eyes to a whole new level of understand of how technology can help improve your business’ bottom line.

Free Network Evaluation

How will you get your company’s network to where you want it to be now and into the future? First you need to know where you infrastructure is now. At Jeff R Roberts & Associates, Inc. we can help you find out where you are now and devise a plan of where you should go into the future. This FREE evaluation will provide the map for where you are now and a road map for tomorrow.
Assessment includes:

Free Cloud Feasibility Evaluation

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. Some businesses stand to gain a great deal through cloud services and other not so much. At Jeff R. Roberts & Associates we can help determine if what parts of your business would benefit or not by using cloud technology services. We will do this by evaluating your business and current IT infrastructure to formulate a plan for utilizing cloud technology to fit your business’ requirements. This all will be done using what cloud services that are out today and those coming tomorrow. Fill out our form or call for your FREE cloud evaluation.

Free Disaster Recovery Plan Evaluation

How ready is your Disaster Recovery Plan? Have you ever tested its readiness? Do you even have a plan? While almost all businesses realize the importance of having backups, studies show that nearly 30% never make them. Even more, studies have found that over 20% of businesses that undergo a significant data loss never recover from these types of losses. Never again does your company need to suffer through extended downtime or lost data because a critical server or workstation failed. When trouble strikes, you can have your critical server or workstation back up and running again in just minutes or easily recover any of their missing data using our reliable and affordable Megasafe Backup BDR solutions. Jeff R Roberts & Associates is offering a FREE Disaster Recovery Plan evaluation. We will come to your business(s) and examine your current Disaster Recovery Plan to test its reliability. We can point out weaknesses that you were not aware of and come up with a road map of where you should be in the future.

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