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At Jeff R. Roberts & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing IT solutions for small companies of all types. Programs we offer include:

Cloud Services

With Cloud Computing from Jeff R. Roberts & Associates, Inc., you can ensure business continuity, avoiding costly disruption through the following services:

  • On-line Cloud Backup
  • Remote Desktop
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Cloud Server
  • Microsoft Office 365

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Managed Services

With our managed IT services solutions, you can avoid the high costs and hassles that come with trying to support and manage your IT in-house. You'll have more time and resources to devote to activities that build your business - acquiring more leads, closing sales, and finding new sources of profit.

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Data Protection

Is your company prepared for a critical information loss due to a natural disaster or complete system failure? If not, we can help. We can provide you the access and data protection you require at an affordable monthly rate, assuring business continuity and giving you peace of mind..

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Hosting Services

Designing and supporting an IT infrastructure is cost-prohibitive for most small businesses. We can help you by examining your needs and delivering the tech support, backup and secure data access your company requires to function at its best.

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Using the power of the Internet to make and receive phone calls, VoIP systems can greatly improve your communication and provide you with options not available with traditional phone systems. You'll reduce your phone bills while improving flexibility for staff, allowing a connection to your office phone system from anywhere Internet access is offered.

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Vendor Management

Our vendor management services allow you to get better, faster service from top providers. We'll help you combine relationships and decipher all the technical lingo, getting you the service you require to help your business grow and succeed.

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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Technology changes quickly - and the set-up and management costs are high. Our HaaS program gives you the technical guidance, hardware and software you need as part of a monthly package. You'll keep up with technology, giving your employees the most modern equipment and boosting productivity.

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Business IT Support

Searching for helpful, local tech support? Look no further. We provide IT support services for small businesses on a per-hour or per-incident basis. Whether you need guidance with hardware and software installation, virus protection and removal, or basic tech support, we can help.

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Online Marketing

Need help navigating all the current online marketing options out there? Our consultants can help you plan, carry out, and track your online efforts, helping you connect with more prospects looking for what you offer. You'll get quick, cost-effective results that are much easier to evaluate than traditional marketing tactics.

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